Our Eco Journey

The team at kangarooms noosa feel truly privileged to deliver sustainable guest experiences, perched within the Cooloola National Park and the UNESCO Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

The area occupied by kangarooms was once part of a large 4,000-acre cattle station, where livestock would roam right down to the water’s edge. The immediate area surrounding Habitat Noosa was utilised for unsustainable old growth forestry, the impact previous generations have had on this fragile ecosystem was evident.  A lease was granted to the previous owner who erected
basic facilities to make way for an outdoor Education Centre and Campground.

Rehabilitation of the area commenced in the 1980’s and continues today.
kangarooms noosa is living proof of the capacity to revitalise and promote the core values of sustainable eco-tourism and business management.

The team at kangarooms noosa strive to inspire and educate guests so they can
understand the importance of protecting, preserving and improving the region for future generations.

Leading Eco Tourism

Operating in such an ecologically diverse region demands a rigorous and transparent commitment to environmental sustainability, backed by sound business practices such as managing wildlife habitats, reducing energy use, minimising waste and conserving water. In addition to this, the Company continues to re-vegetate the landscape and surrounds with local flora, planting native trees and shrubs in alliance with QPWS and Landcare.

kangarooms noosa is primarily a “self-sustainable” eco-tourism business, leading the market with the development in infrastructure to deliver a environmental footprint in all aspects of the operation. Our environmental accountabilities form the pillars of our corporate charter.

kangarooms noosa harvests it’s own water, generates 65% of its energy requirements and process of grey water waste onsite. Given the scale and capacity we are very proud of this achievement.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Offsetting one's carbon footprint is a proactive step towards combatting climate change. By neutralizing the greenhouse gases we emit, either through tree planting, supporting renewable energy projects, or investing in carbon capture technologies, we contribute to a more sustainable future. It is essential because, as global temperatures rise, so do the risks of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity.

Offsetting not only mitigates these risks but also promotes a conscious lifestyle, emphasizing our responsibility to the planet. It's a tangible commitment, underscoring the importance of individual actions in shaping a greener tomorrow.

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We acknowledge the ongoing connection to country of the traditional custodians of this beautiful region, the Kabi Kabi people.
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